Come to Lip Couture whatever your aesthetic needs, from our signature Semi-Permanent Makeup of beautiful brows, eye enhancing eyeliner or luscious Lipblush, we offer everything.

But the colour should only be added once the lines have been ironed out to give you smoother lines and softer edges. We have highly qualified nurses on hand to give you more noticeable, medical graded procedures to make you say yes,yes,yes!!

At Lip Couture, each technician has a specialist area they work in and offer only the best in what they do, so be rest assured, you are with the cream of the crop in their game. As featured on various radio stations such as BBC Radio 5 Live and Jeremy Kyles ‘Kyles Files’, we are well followed and documented in the aesthetics field.

Botox & Fillers

Correction of wrinkles, fine lines & for volumizing the facial area.

One Area £110
Two Areas £180
Three Areas £255
Full Syringe £260
Cheek Fillers From £250
Naso Labial Folds From £250
Marionette Lines From £250

Facial Aesthetics

Fibroaesthetics £150 per area
Microneedling £120 per area
Skin Peels From
B12 vitamin injections £40

Cosmetic Surgery

Consultations held once per month from ‘Cosmedicare’

Designer Vagina

 1 Session £499
 3 Sessions £995

Semi Permanent Make Up

Hairstroke Eyebrows £280
Powdered Eyebrows £250
Eyeliner Lash Line (Top) £150
Eyeliner Top & Bottom (Natural) £250
Eyeliner Thick £200
Eyeliner Thick Top & Bottom £300
Eyeliner Latina Flick £250
Lipliner £220
Lip Blush £250
Full Lip Colour £300
Beauty Spots £60
Microblading & Scalp Pigmentation Consultation Required

Teeth Whitening

 Teeth Moulds & Bleach – Dentist-Approved £80
 Tooth Whitening Paste £19
 Whitening Strips £30