Come to Lip Couture for all your body needs. Whether it be a body fuel with our B12 Vitamin Injections through to all the latest body sculpting non-invasive liposuction treatments, such as Fat Freeze (Lovelite) or Lipofirm UK, we have it.

We offer Brazilian bum lifts with various technology, inch loss wraps (shrinking violet wrap) and lymphatic body drainage systems to lose them inches.

So to beat the bulge and become a slimmer, more sculptured you, we at Lip Couture know what to do.

Body Treatments

Back Neck Shoulder massage – Rapeseed Oil £30
Shrinking Violet Full Body Wrap £55
Full Body Massage – Rapeseed Oil £45
For Aromatherapy Oils + £5
B12 Vitamin Injections £40 per shot
Lymphatic massage-weight loss massage  £52 full body
Fat Freeze-Lipofirm £79 per area
Anti-Cellulite treatement £20 for half an hour
Anti-Cellulite treatement £35 for one hour
Indian Head massage £15 for 15 mins
Indian Head massage £30 for 40 mins
Reflexology £30 for 45 mins
Cupping Therapy £35 for  45 mins
Cupping Therapy £20 for 25 mins
Hot stone Massage £25 for 30 mins

Fat Freeze-Lipofirm

 1 area  £129
 2 areas  £229
 3 areas  £299
 4 areas  £359
 10 areas (full body makeover  £899


Waxing is a very effective way of removing unwanted hair from any part of the body. Using TEATREE wax, great for all skin types, even the most sensitive for a soothing application followed by a cooling moisturizer.

Eyebrow £8
Lip £6
Underarm £6
Leg Lower £13
Leg Full £20
Bikini Basic £14
Bikini Brazilian £17
Hollywood £20
Tints per Area £5


Fake Bake Spray £15 or 2 for £25
Tanworx £13 or 2 for £20

Holistic Therapies

Indian Head £15 for 15 mins
Single Hopi Ear Candle / Set of 3 £15 / £40
Reflexology £30 for 45 mins
Cupping Therapy £35 for 45 mins