Dark Hair to Platinum Blonde

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As the beautiful Kim Kardashian always goes from dark to blonde, people are always asking can they do the same and go from their dark hair to platinum blonde.  As I hope you can imagine this is going to take time.

So our professional advice would be don’t expect to go blonde in one sitting as this could result in severe damage and breakage to your hair.  Which therefore would result in a very short haircut.

Everybody has different hair and texture.  From fine, medium, thick coarse hair to straight, wavy and curly.  Also, the condition of your hair, shades of colour all have an impact on the exact process taking to changing your hair from dark to light.

Consequently, this will take a number of sessions, therefore exactly how many is unknown until we start the process.

Taking all this into consideration this is why you must be patient and it’s important to be realistic.

Our team of hairdressers are confident that they can get you as near to the colour you dream off.

Finally here at Lipcouture, we make sure we do our best to protect your locks.  With the help of some amazing products.

We offer a free of charge colour consultation appointment as we definitely recommend talking this through with an expert.  So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if this is something you have been thinking about.