One of the celebrities favourite treatment Cupping Therapy

Everyone seems to be talking about Cupping Therapy, as it has become more and more popular in the celebrity industry with the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Conor McGregor all walking around with the telltale circles.

So what exactly is cupping you ask?

Cupping is an ancient therapy that uses cups placed on your back, leg where ever it may be needed.  To create negative pressure, allowing blood and Qi energy to flow much more freely through your body than previously.  It’s a non-invasive treatment and great for improving the health of vital organs, reduce pain and swelling.

There are many benefits from Cupping Therapy is can help with:

  • high blood pressure
  • relieve back pain
  • neck pain
  • stiff muscles
  • anxiety
  • cellulite

We are glad to announce we now offer this in our salon thanks to our holistic specialist Tanja.

If you are suffering from any back pain etc, why not give our salon a call and book in with Tanja.